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4-Channel USB Switch

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4-Channel USB Switch | 4 PCs Share 4 USB Devices

Allows 4 computers to use 4 USB devices simultaneously: Mouse, Keyboard, Flash Drive etc.

USB Synchronization Mode: USB devices work on 4 computer at the same time (ex. One Keyboard and Mouse control all 4 computers at the same time)

Switch Mode:
USB devices work on either one computer once a time

2 Methods to Swicth:
Remote and Keyboard





USB Version
USB 2.0

USB Rate
Low Speed - 1.5Mb/s;Full speed - 12Mb/s

Support USB Cable
Standard USB 2.0 male to male cable ≤ 6ft


- 4-Port USB Switch

- 4 x USB 2.0 A to B Cables (Use between Computers and USB Switch)

- IR Remote Control

- IR RX Cable

- User Manual